Haiku 16 Part 1

A new acousmatic piece experimenting with a granular synthesis device I’ve been working on. The piece was made entirely from a short piano recording played by Colin Riley using Boading balls to pitch the strings like a slide guitar.

Hanging In The Balance Documentary

A short documentary about Hanging In The balance has been made by the great Kristijonas Dirse. It explores the concept and realisation of the piece through interviews with composer Colin Riley and myself, featuring footage recorded over recent rehearsals at Brunel University and a recording session at the University of Kent.

Hanging In The Balance Documentary from Colin Riley Music Projects on Vimeo.

Cowboy Breaks Rereleased On Monome Community Compilation

A few years ago I contributed an old Breakcore track called Cowboy Breaks to the Monome Community compilation ‘Albm’. The album helped fund the monome community tour which I also took part in helping to organise the London leg, footage of which can be found here. The compilation has been re-released and can now be purchased from the The Leap Bandcamp page. Featuring tracks by Daedelus, Galapagoose, Edison, Kero and Pauk.